Natty Entertainment and Media LLC

Posted by Sarah Anderson on

Natty Records LLC aka Natty Entertainment and Media is a homegrown entertainment company with a global strategy was founded in 2010 by Wendell E. Anderson, Sr. Anderson has been the lead singer with The Hues Corporation for more than thirty years though the group has gone through highs and lows.

Their hit single, “Rock the Boat” is the most played single from the 70’s. Born in Cincinnati, Ohio, music provided Anderson an opportunity to travel the world becoming an exceptional singer/songwriter. Anderson returns to his hometown after decades of life and travel around the world.

Building Natty Entertainment and Media is a dream comes true for Anderson. It is an opportunity to continue to pen, record and produce songs like the single, “America, There’s Only 1” and "Without You". The company is in the entertainment business with iconic artists and up and coming artists.

The Natty Records Signature Product Line Keep it Musical! includes products such as t-shirts, hoodies, bags, coffee mugs and more. Each product displays the logo of specific artists or aspect of the company. The Hues Corporation and 'Rock the Boat', the iconic hit song, are a few of the logos included in this collection. We hope to see you with your Natty Records gear on when we perform in a city near you.

Our Special Edition “The Project" line of products depicts a collaboration on the remake of the iconic hit song, “Rock the Boat”. The collaborators are The Hues Corporation, Master Gee of the famous Sugarhill Gang and Julian Johnson throwing down on the musical arrangements.

See and hear the Synergy we bring to the Music Industry; music that soothes your soul.